• What services do you offer?

    BeritBow creates unique graphics, whether for print or web, professional websites and mobile applications as well as motion graphics that business owners can use to better market brands and optimize profits by reaching targeted audiences with our delivered solutions. Please visit our services page for full list of services offered.

  • How much does it cost to hire BeritBow?

    Costs definitely depend on the requirements of a particular job, but as a small business our prices are very affordable. If you have something in mind, please get in touch with us to receive an estimate based on your project requirements. We will then discuss in detail with an outline of what is needed.

  • Can we still work together if we live in different countries?

    Yes, this is possible. We would communicate primarily by email and voice chats. We would set a plan of workflow that suits both parties.

  • How does BeritBow accept payment?

    For the most part, 50% deposits are needed before a job can begin, but there are cases where a lower deposit can be accepted. Contact us to see if your business qualifies for a low cost deposit. Payments are accepted via cash or bank transfer and receipts upon payment confirmation are given in return.

  • When can we get started?

    BeritBow takes on a few projects at a time in order to give the required attention to each of its current jobs. Contact us to see if your project timeline can be injected into our workload.